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purplegirl23 - August 29th, 2009
The house is near enough finished now, thanks in part to a long and hard graft from us and tradesmen over the past two weeks (despite the occasional let-down). My parent's came down to see the house yesterday and then came back again today to help out with a few things. Tthat's right ladies and gents, my parent's made two visits to Bath in less than 24 hours and even after coming back from South Africa where they ad a fabulus time (so jealous). So this time tomorrow Dom and I will be actually in the house, probably getting ready for bed. Yes, despite the fact that the house isn't really finished we are gonna move in. My parent's didn't think we should, but then again their parent's didn't think they should've got married when they did so hey ho, guess not listen to your elders runs in the family...

It shouldn't be too bad as we have hot water and light. Electricity will be obatined through extension cables from the under-the-stairs fusebox for now until the electrician is back on Thursday. Kitchen isn't finished either, and as such we have no cooker or sink. Fridge should be temporarily wired up tomorrow by Dom's father so we can have the basics (mini-fridge was another option but possibly a waste of money??).  It'll be take-away meals for a while methinks. We have beds, though our mattress won't be delivered til sometime after the 7th so we're borrowing one that isn't the right size for the bed but big enough for the two of us. Also we have no wardrobes or drawers so we're using a cheapy Argos rail for now. Also now that Dom's holiday has run out he'll be a work all day, leaving me to do a few things at the house. If I can get things set up, I'd like to try and do some cosplay stuff but we'll have to see if that's possible.

We won't have any internet for a while either :( So if we drop off the radar, you know why.

Excited and nervous, but mostly still stressed. There is so much left to sort out tomorrow. Could we have a few more hours in the day please????? Oh well, I guess it'll be a case of que sera sera. Wish us luck!!!!

Current Mood: stressed stressed

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